Become a Greek Resident

Guidance from lawyers and notaries for legal procedures


Our “Become a Greek Resident” service is designed to simplify your transition to becoming a full-fledged resident of Greece. With the expertise of our team of lawyers and notaries, we offer comprehensive guidance through the maze of legal procedures essential for a smooth transition.

We take on the responsibility of managing all legal and tax obligations necessary for you to operate effectively in Greece. This includes acquiring a Residency Permit, registering for a Tax Number, and obtaining a Social Security Number. In addition, we provide expert assistance in setting up your business, ensuring that you’re up and running without any legal hurdles.

A key feature of our service is aiding in the application for the 50% Income Tax Deduction, a significant financial advantage for new residents. This incentive is pivotal in optimizing your fiscal presence in Greece, reducing the tax burden and enhancing your financial freedom.

Our goal is to make your journey to Greek residency as seamless and stress-free as possible. By entrusting us with the intricate legal and tax processes, you can focus on embracing the vibrant Greek culture and lifestyle. Whether you are moving for work, retirement, or adventure, our service paves the way for your new life chapter in Greece.