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Welcome to Athens, one of the oldest cities in the world with the longest history. Often referred to as the historical capital of Europe, Athens is the most important cradle of the human spirit as well as Western European civilization.  It is the birthplace of democracy, the arts, science and philosophy. Home to prominent historical figures such as Plato, Socrates, Pericles and Sophocles, Athens references in time, date back to the last 3,400 years and it has been inhabited since the 11th millennium BC.

Athens present-day appearance fascinates all visitors both for the combination of the urban landscape with the ancient monuments but also for the city’s imulticultural and modern character. As a capital city, Athens is characterized by an intense rhythm of life and can offer a plethora of choices in food, entertainment and shopping. Of course, over the years, it has grown more and more in areas such as tourism and business with the existence of high quality hotels and the arrival of great investors.

The Mediterranean climate with the warm and bright Greek sun, the natural beauty combined with the urban development and of course the kind and generous Athenians, will fill you with the feeling of acceptance and hospitality.


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Places to Live


Glyfada is located in South Attica and is about 20 to 30 minutes from the centre of Athens by tram. It is particularly known for its vibrant life, both at night and on a daily basis.  It has bars, cafes, clubs, sports clubs and associations, and of course a beautiful sandy beach and marinas where many sports activities and water sports services are active.


Kifissia is one of the most beautiful, quiet and popular suburbs of Attica. It is only 12 kilometers from the center of Athens and yet it is quite a diverse area. The buildings and houses found there are luxurious, newly built or neoclassical, with well-designed beautiful gardens. It has the reputation of the wealthiest neighborhood of Athens and not without reason, since all the important and well-known people of the country such as politicians, artists and businessmen choose it as a place of residence. In the clean wide streets of Kifissia you will find elegant restaurants, stylish bars and business cafes, a beautiful park and of course a market full of boutiques of famous designers.


Plaka is the oldest district of Athens and certainly the most dazzling and charming. Just below the Acropolis, colourful neoclassical houses maintain a sense of Athens from another era. The area is classified as a traditional settlement and thus remains unchanged over the years.  Today, its alleys are home to many shops, cafes, museums and taverns that are waiting for you to discover them.


A neighbourhood that stretches around the Kallimarmaro Stadium, the stadium where the first Olympic Games were held and the Panathenaea were celebrated in honour of the goddess Athena. A neighborhood that is brimming with history and emits an artistic aura as some of the greatest Greek artists such as the poet George Seferis, Manos Hadjidakis and many others lived there. Living in Pagrati is lucky as it is one of the most popular areas of Athens, perhaps because of the infinite number of shops, parks, restaurants and cultural venues it has, such as theatre, cinema and galleries that you can take advantage of if you live there.


Kolonaki is an elegant and classy neighborhood, in the heart of Athens very close to Syntagma square. Kolonaki has a luxury market, where one can find both international and established Greek designer brands that coexist with galleries, elegant fine dining restaurants representing all the cuisines of the world, as well as bistro bars with live jazz music or DJs. Kolonaki, situated right at the foot of Lycabettus, has many paths as well as cable cars leading to the top of Lycabettus, from where visitors can admire the magnificent panoramic view of Athens.


Maroussi is located in the Northern Suburbs of Athens, 15 kilometers from the center and represents a quiet, family and luxurious neighborhood. It has plenty of green spaces, beautiful tall trees, small scattered parks and new redeveloped squares where you can take a stroll.   It has a market with a number of shops and the green train line runs through the area, going straight to the centre.


Abelokipi is located in the northeast of Athens and is one of the most popular and crowded districts. In Ambelokipi are the only two skyscrapers in Greece, many hospitals, the headquarters of the Greek police and the Criminal Court. The area is ideal for students as it is both close to the centre and close to the universities and also has a wide variety of shops, cafes, bars and restaurants.


Ilisia, named after the historic Ilisso River, is another densely populated area of Athens, with large high-rise apartment buildings and narrow streets, a breath away from the centre. There is the pine forest of the Ilisia with lush green squares of Madrid and Brazil, which is the perfect place for a daily walk with your friends or your pet. The area was characterized by the existence of the symbolic Hilton hotel, as many call it the Hilton area. There you will find a plethora of restaurants and eateries as in recent years Ilisia has become an internal gastronomic destination within Athens. Ilisia is home to a mix of different social groups, as diplomats, academics and professionals reside in the area. 


Parnitha is the highest mountain in the Athens area, located 30km northwest of Athens and extends over a large area. If you love mountain life, then it might be the ideal place for you to live. In Parnitha there are gorges, streams, as well as trails to explore. It is one of the pleasant surprises that an urban landscape like that of Attica can offer and is well worth a visit.  Parnitha is also home to the Mont Parnes casino, while the other activities in the area are mainly agriculture, forestry and tourism.  


Filothei is a green, affluent northeastern suburb, one of the oldest in Athens, where there are mainly luxurious, preserved residences. The area is home to embassies, private schools, companies and consulates, and is one of the most expensive districts to live in.

Nea Smyrni 

Nea Smyrni is located about 2 miles from the centre of Athens and is the second most densely populated area of the city after Kallithea, named after the residents who settled there after their displacement from Smyrna during the Asia Minor Catastrophe.  The shipowner Aristotle Onassis, whose family originated from Smyrna, donated money for its development and regeneration. Today it is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods that surround the center, with a lively life and one of the largest and most beautiful parks in Attica, the Nea Smyrni Grove.

Nea Makri

Nea Makri was founded in 1924 by immigrants of the Asia Minor Catastrophe and today is a very leafy area with a pine forest stretching down to the seashore. The little seaside town has lovely beaches with shallow clear blue waters, most of which are organised The tourist accommodation and star hotels in combination with the exceptional landscape give a strong feeling that you are on a cosmopolitan island.


Voula is a very attractive destination to visit Athens either in summer or winter. During the summer it is mostly crowded, but it is considered one of the best areas to live in the Athenian Riviera, as compared to the center of Athens, Voula has a lot of greenery, parks and of course the Mediterranean Sea.


The modern seaside Athenian suburb of Alimos, took its name from the ancient "Als" which is the word the ancients used for salt and then for the sea. Alimos as a seaside area attracts many Greeks and internationals during the summer months and if you are a fan of the sea and water sports, every weekend there are water sports competitions.


Vouliagmeni is located on the Athenian Riviera and is only 17 kilometers from the center of Athens. It has become known for its beautiful beach and natural beauty and now attracts a lot of people as it is probably the only suburb of Attica that has greenery. At the same time, more and more posh restaurants and cafes are opening in the area to accommodate the increasing number of residents and visitors who come to enjoy and discover the area with its large pine trees and beautiful sandy shores.

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    Work in Athens


    INALAN (internet provider)

    The idea of fiber optics that will bring you the ultimate fast internet connection, a speed you can't get any other way these days. Immediately available to you through INALAN a few days after your request.

    COSMOTE (internet provider)

    The fiber optic network is the latest technology for fast Internet access. It enables data to be transmitted at the speed of light through cables with very thin glass filaments, the optical fiber. This results in amazing new speeds that in the future could reach up to 1Gbps.

    VODAFONE (internet provider)

    Next Generation Network (NGN). The main fiber to the home (FTTH) technology we have implemented is the Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON). This shares a system capacity of 2.5 Gbps downstream and 1.25 Gbps upstream to typically 32 to 64 customers. This provides our customers with the ability to reach the maximum speeds of 1 Gbps outlined in our vision for the Gigabit Society.

    WIND (internet provider)

    If you also believe that working and studying from home is important and should be achieved with fast speeds, then WIND Fiber is here for you. You will be able to communicate with your colleagues and participate in video conferences without any delay, even when simultaneous video calls are taking place. Fiber optics are not affected by external factors, resulting in a stable and reliable Internet connection at 100 Mbps. They can't stop you anywhere!

    Places to Work - Coworking Places

    Spaces Ermou

      Spaces Ermou (56 Ermou Street, Athens) is the location where many business people and young entrepreneurs gather to grow their ideas and projects, such as high-tech companies, international corporations or digital content creators. Spaces is a highly creative space where you can work, check your email and do your meeting appointments. Spark your entrepreneurial spirit with the excitement that Spaces will provide you through the people you connect with.
    Spaces Green plaza
      Spaces Green Plaza is found in the groundbreaking area of Maroussi (59-61 Agios Konstantinou Street) in Athens and provides a great energy and an idyllic setting for the expansion, growth and development of your business. The area is known as the financial heart of the city, but if you get there, you will also find a lot of interesting sightseeing and attractions.

    Space Solonos 53

    Fast Wi-Fi, stylish decor and an amazing community of people around you: these are all the ingredients you need for success. Meanwhile, the welcoming support team will make everything run smoothly so you can concentrate on what you know how to do best. And once you've finished work, the buzzing city center invites you to explore the restaurants, shops and cultural attractions it so generously offers

    Regus Kifisia

    Build a home for your company using Regus private office space. The offices have everything provided, from modern furniture to high-speed WiFi, and with flexible terms and options that allow you to rent office space for as much as you need, so you can focus on growing your business. Accessible via metro and city buses so you won’t miss any minute.

    Regus Patissia

    Develop your business at regus (28 Patission Street, 28 October), a building protected by the Ministry of Culture in the heart of Athens. With grand ceilings and polished interiors, you will be delighted by this impressive workspace

    Regus Lambraki St

    Let your business shine with flexible office space in an eye-catching facility. Regus (58 Grigoriou Lambraki Street) is conveniently located in the classy Athens suburb of Glyfada, encircled by restaurants and shops. Αmaze your guests and clients with the stunning entrance architecture before you get to work in the sunny, bright and modern offices and spacious meeting rooms. Set up your focus in the best spot on one of the four levels, then chill out after work on the golf course or watch the sunset on the beach.  

    Regus Mesogeion Avenue

    Take a chair with a leather back and get to work right away with the wonderful view of Acropolis.  With contemporary workspaces on level 20 and 21 of Athens' highest building, Regus (2-4 Mesogeion Avenue) positions you in the business heart of Greece's historic yet progressive capital.  

    Regus Lagumitzi (Acropolis view)

    In the financial district of Athens, Regus (24 Lagoumitzis) provides exceptional view and business opportunities. Engage with native talent coming out of the local university and executives from the capital's diverse entrepreneurial community. On the inside, the office spaces are charmingly styled,in grey and blue, decorated with abstract artwork and minimal furniture.

    Business Hive

    Business Hive is a special shared workspace that offers you the ability to be part of a Europe-wide business community, a workplace that will allow you to feel relaxed and work with more efficiency. Ideal space for all your projects!  

    Space Athens Theanous St

    Space Athens (Theanous 15) attracts a growing number of ambitious start-ups and entrepreneurs who are eager to develop their firms in a forward-thinking environment. Situated in the famous Dexameni, with a variety of cafes close by to get that much-needed caffeine fix. Inside, you'll find an effortless mix of minimalist industrialism and modern furnishings. From sunny meeting rooms to distinctive private offices - all your needs are catered for.

    Stone Soup

    Stone Soup is a cooperative space in the center of Athens (18 Char. Trikoupis Street) that provides stylish and adaptable workspaces, modern offices for lease and all the necessary support services for business owners, start-ups and freelancers. We arrange monthly meetings for our members with leading and important figures of the technological and corporate scene of Greece and beyond.  


    Found.Ation is a dynamic space that can be used to host startups and small businesses or accommodate a conference. Found.ation has succeeded in becoming a leading coworking space.Found.ation is conveniently located in the center of Athens, conveniently accessible by car or public transport, close to the Kerameikos metro station.


    Sports & Nature

    Sports and Activities

    The bicycle’s dynamic entrance into Athenian life

    The Athens Cycling Tour is intended to support the interaction of residents and visitors with cycling. Athens, with the new transportation strategy, has been made bicycle-friendly, as traffic on the streets of Athens has been significantly reduced. Thus, it is no more an unusual sight to see groups of families, friends, concerned cyclists and leisurely travellers riding bicycles to explore the attractions of the city.

    Scuba Diving

    Within a short distance from Anavissos you can access the best diving spots in the area, so you can experience high quality diving excursions in Athens. Choose your diving trip among shipwrecks, caves, deep dives or simply shallow reefs which you will explore with perfect high visibility and clarity.

    Athens Sea Kayak

    Swap the urban noise of Athens for the picturesque coastline of the Athenian Riviera on a kayaking excursion to Cape Sounion, where the ancient Temple of Poseidon is located. Discover secret hidden beaches and see the sanctuary of the Greek god of the sea standing grandly above the sea - a view you won't be able to get on land-based tours. There is time to descend and explore the temple on foot and also have a traditional lunch at a Greek taverna.

    Sky dive Athens.

    Skydive-Athens is the only skydiving centre in Greece so if you are a fan of adrenaline you should definitely visit it. The environment is excellent and the instructors will give you the sense of confidence and safety you are looking for when doing this kind of activities. An experience of a lifetime, as many call it, and it's probably the most appropriate way to describe what it's like to do a tandem jump from 14000ft!

    Sailing Athens

    Enjoy the Athenian Riviera from a catamaran, in the company of your friends or family. The experienced captain and his crew will make sure you have fun under the warm sun, witness beautiful scenery, relax and enjoy this half-day excursion in the best possible way. Take a sip of your drink and let your senses sail into the endless blue.


    Athens, although a modern urban city, can easily offer unique experiences to nature lovers. Take part in an idyllic coastal excursion, follow the paths that will lead you from Athens to the Cape of Sounion where you will see the most beautiful sunset of your life from the temple of Poseidon, as the blazing sun sinks into the sea.


    If you are a hiking and forest lover then the wider Athens area has some unforgettable experiences to offer. You can participate in many hiking tours that are organized, one of them is the one that combines nature and history as you will visit the Delphi monument, the village of Arachova and explore a path through the forest. The archaeological site is also listed by Unesco and is one of the most amazing ancient finds.

    Bungee jumping

    Experience the most thrilling bungee jump in Greece, at the famous Corinth Canal. If you are not afraid of heights and adventure, then get ready to live a unique experience as you jump in the middle of the biggest canal in Greece, trying to touch the sea. It is undoubtedly one of the experiences you will never have the chance to have again, so be sure to try it while you are in Greece!


    Just an hour away from Athens, You will have the chance to explore a scenic and historical location by a completely alternative way. By abseil! You will be led by professional and licensed guides, who will lead you on a 70 meters (230 feet) rappel offering the time of your life! All the equipment, safety training and procedures are included to ensure that all you have to do is be positive, follow the instructions and enjoy the trip!


    A special way to explore Sounion from coast to coast on this self-made nature trail along the formations of the earth, by jumping, climbing and swimming under the guidance of an experienced coasteering guide. Under the watchful eye of Poseidon you will have an amazing experience that you will remember and recall forever.

    Tandem paragliding flight

    If your dream is to view the world from above, then a paragliding flight over the greater Athens area will thrill you, gifting you with vivid memories and images of mountains, streams, valleys and endless blue. This is a totally safe experience, guided by skilled instructors who will accompany you every minute as they are tied up with you.

    Beaches nearby

    Asteras Vouliagmenis

    This beach is a luxury organised beach where you can book online and a ticket payment is required. Astir beach offers comfortable sunbeds with umbrellas for protection from the hot sun, changing rooms, showers, lockers, a playground with trampoline as well as water sports. On the same beach there is also a restaurant and a bar, for which you do not have to pay an entrance fee.


    Varkiza resort is one of the most popular and large beach bars in Athens. On its shore you will find a multitude of dining, service, and entertainment facilities. You can choose from souvlakeri to pizza and sushi or experience a day at the spa and wellness area. Also, being fully family friendly, it offers a water park for children.


    Limenakia are a series of beautiful rock formations, lapped by crystal blue waters, and are ideal for those of you who prefer a wilder natural landscape instead of one with organized sunbeds and umbrellas. This beach is mainly chosen by young people and is one of the most famous gathering places also for the evening if you want to have a beer while looking at the moon.

    Lake Vouliagmeni

    Lake Vouliagmeni is a unique geological phenomenon and is protected by Natura 2000. Scientists say that the formation of the lake occurred when a huge cave collapsed. The waters of the lake are curative as they are rich in minerals, and the temperature ranges from 22 to 29 degrees Celsius all year round.


    Lagonisi is a small seaside town that offers a large public beach with quiet coves where you can relax and indulge if you wish to enjoy your swim more quietly. However, for those who prefer the organized beach with sunbeds, umbrellas and luxury service, in Lagonisi you will also find an organized beach that is part of a luxury hotel resort.

    Mavro Lithari

    A big black rock that sticks out of the water makes this beach stand out and that's how it got its name. Between Saronida and Anavissos, with waters deeper than the rest of the beaches in the area, Mavro Lithari exudes a different energy, more relaxed and quieter. The small wooden beach bar with its relaxing music enhances this vibe and challenges you to sink into your sun lounger or even the sand.


    Between Saronida and Sounion, Anavyssos is a beautiful seaside settlement with impressive residences which are mainly summer residences of Athenians. Until the end of the 1960s there were salt marshes in the area while today it is well known for its beautiful sandy beaches and as the ideal destination for wind surfing enthusiasts.


    The temple of Poseidon is the main reason why the cape of Sounion is famous, but what many people are unaware of is that in Sounion you will find one of the most beautiful beaches so don't forget to take your swimsuit when you visit. Cape Sounion beach is sandy, with beautiful waters, in a bay protected from the Aegean winds making it the ideal place for swimming with a view of the temple of Poseidon. It is privately owned by a hotel, but you can still pay to use the deluxe sunbeds and umbrellas, with all the privileges of snacks, drinks and food on request.

    History & Tradition

    Ancient Athens was named after Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom. The first colonies made in Athens were of tribes of various ethnic groups who settled around the rock on which the Acropolis was later built. According to Greek mythology, the first king of Athens was Kecropus , while around the 10th century BC the colonists formed cities which were always dominated by Athens. It was Theseus, the mythical king, who succeeded in unifying the cities of Attica under Athens. Athens in the past, had a monarchical constitution, then evolved into an aristocratic one, and finally created the democratic constitution, a discovery that marked the whole of world history.

    Must Places to Visit

    The Acropolis

    Acropolis is perhaps the most famous and recognizable historical site in the world, and despite the passing centuries, it remains a benchmark of the achievements of ancient Greek civilization. It stands high above Athens, and its historic buildings such as the Parthenon, the Erechtheion, the Propylaea, and the Temple of Athena are the most important ornaments to the Athenian atmosphere.

    Temple of Hephaestus

    The god Hephaestus was the god of fire, blacksmiths, and sculpture. The Athenians used to dedicate temples to their deities, and one such temple is that of the god Hephaestus in the Athenian marketplace, which was fortunate enough to be incorporated into the church of St. George and preserved in excellent condition. This is something that would probably not have happened otherwise, as most Hellenistic monuments of worship were destroyed with the arrival and spread of Christianity.


    During the classical period, Areopagus was the court in which various cases of corruption, religious and political issues, as well as homicides, were heard. The council of the Areopagus was one of the most important institutions of the city-state of Athens and is the forerunner of today's higher court of modern Greece, which bears the same name. The councils of the Areopagus seem to have been held on this great rock projecting northwest of the Acropolis, where it is now surrounded by cypress trees.

    Statue of Athena

    The ivory statue of the goddess Athena which adorned the main focal point of the Parthenon on the Acropolis has unfortunately been lost, as traces of it disappear after 165 BC. It is a depiction of the goddess Athena holding a shield after winning a battle. It was considered the best work of the ancient sculptor Phidias, and if it had been preserved, it would have held a place among the 7 wonders of the world.

    Temple of Olympian Zeus

    The sixteen surviving columns are just a hint of this magnificent monument that unfortunately does not survive today. From the remains alone, however, we can assume that it was the largest temple of Ancient Athens and sensibly of the world as it was known then, which is justified since it was dedicated to the king of the gods, Zeus. Its construction began in the 6th century BC and took over 600 years to complete.

    Theatre of Dionysus

    On the south side of the Acropolis, the theater of the god Dionysus, which originally formed part of the sanctuary of Dionysus, is still standing today, and it is rumored that in its golden age, it could accommodate up to 17,000 spectators. Dionysus was the god of the grape harvest, wine, ecstasy, fertility, and of course, theater.

    Odeon of Herodes Atticus

    The Odeon of Herodes Atticus was funded by a descendant of a wealthy Athenian family and a great benefactor of Athens, in memory of his wife. It was the last monument built in the ancient times and was mainly intended for musical events, a purpose it still serves today as it often hosts concerts of Greek and international artists.

    Panathenaic Stadium

    This special stadium is the only stadium in the world that is made entirely of marble. It is located next to the temple of Olympian Zeus, where the ancient stadium where the Panathenaic Games were held was once located. It was the place where the Greek national anthem was first performed and is the finish line for the original classic marathon of Athens.

    Tower of Winds

    The Tower of the Winds, or the Andronicus Cyrriste's Horologion, is situated in the Roman Agora, beside the Ancient Agora, and is the first meteorological station globally! It is an octagonal-shaped structure, featuring a different Wind God on every side. If you approach closer to the monument, you will be able to admire the marble sculptures that represent a different god in a different way.

    Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

    The monument of the unknown soldier is located at Syntagma Square, in front of the building that hosts the Greek Parliament. It is dedicated to all the soldiers who have perished in the country's wars and immortalizes a dead warrior lying on raised ground. It is not a monument of antiquity but of the modern history of Greece.

    Ancient Cemetery of Kerameikos

    A wonderful archaeological site next to Piraeus Street and very close to the Kerameikos and Theseion stations in the center of Athens. In a serene green environment, you can see magnificent burial monuments from the cemeteries of ancient Athens, the city walls, the Dipylon, and many more. The area is ideal for a walk, and you will certainly meet many turtles. The entrance is from the pedestrian street of Ermou.


    Clean Monday

    Clean Monday opens the 40-day fasting period with meatless family meals and a sky full of colourful kites. The traditional food of the day is codfish with garlic, a garlic cream and potatoes.

    First of May

    Every first of May, women and children gather flowers and make a colourful wreath to welcome spring.


    Each region of Greece celebrates Christmas in its own way, as they have different traditions. One thing is for sure, during the festive season all over Greece you will find festive dishes and sweets, you will listen to traditional Christmas carols (kalanda) and experience local traditions. On the day of Lights, also known as the Epiphany day, January 6th, men dive into the icy waters of the sea, rivers or even springs to catch the holy cross that is thrown into the waters by the local priest.


    The celebration of Easter is the most important feast of the Greek Orthodox Church. The Holy Week before Easter has different customs every day. On Maundy Thursday, housewives dye red eggs which the family will crack in church on Easter Sunday. On Good Friday, each church has its own procession of the epitaph, which the women and children have previously decorated with white scented flowers. On Easter Sunday everyone waits for the Holy Light from Jerusalem to shout Christ is Risen.

    Saint’s Day Celebrations

    The name days of the saints are celebrated in an equally special way throughout the country. There is a religious ceremony on the eve of the feast, and on the day of the feast there are events and festivals around the local church. At the festival there is plenty of food, drink, traditional music and dancing as well as stalls of small vendors.


    Tsiknopesmpti is a favourite celebration of the Greeks as it combines plenty of food, and certainly meat, with partying and dancing. ''tsikna'' is the smell of roasting meat, and ''Pempti'' is Thursday, so tradition says that on this specific Thursday all the streets should smell of roasting meat while at the same time they celebrate the first day of the Greek carnival, with a masquerade party and costumes.


    On the first day of spring, March the 1st, Greeks wear a red and white bracelet made of threads. White is said to symbolize purity, while red is said to symbolize the passion for life. It is also believed to be an amulet against the hot sun and protects against burning.

    Plate Smashing

    One of the most bizarre and odd ways Greeks express their enthusiasm when they are having fun is by breaking plates. If you have been in a Greek tavern or Greek bouzoukia, you will have noticed that when someone is dancing, his intimates break plates in front of him as a sign of joy and admiration.

    Food & Nightlife

    A night out in Athens can take many different forms and facets. Do you want to dance under the stars in a big nightclub? Do you want to enjoy unique cocktails made by expert bartenders distinguished around the world? Or maybe you are a lover of greek music and enjoy listening to live performances of well-known and lesser-known artists? There are many things to do on a night out in Athens, the only thing that's for sure is that regardless of what kind of entertainment you choose, you'll have an immersive night.   At the same time, Greek food, spread all over the world, known for its unique deliciousness, extraordinary flavors, and the fresh raw materials used in Greek cuisine, is waiting for you to discover it in every corner of this city. You will find sensational tastes in every restaurant, taverna, local fast food places, and even in street food stalls and canteens.

    Must Places to Visit


    Spondi will welcome you with an amazing menu and will offer you a gastronomic experience that combines tradition with innovation! The dishes are all a culinary feast. It is no coincidence that it was the first restaurant in Athens to receive a Michelin star back in 2002 and up to now it holds 2. Even the place where it is located, a neoclassical building in a quiet and hospitable neighborhood in Pagrati, exudes an aesthetic that charms you as the flavors you taste in it.


    Excellent flavors and fine gastronomy with Mediterranean roots and respect for the customer even if he is not familiar with gourmet flavors. The inspired combination of quality ingredients with origins from different areas of Greece and excellent styling. All dishes are amazing, a taste journey with delectable compositions of ingredients, different temperatures, acidities, and colors. Located in the northern suburbs of Athens, in Halandri, in a bright space with a cozy and comfortable garden, Botrini's is one of the top gastronomic proposals that Greece has to offer and is worth visiting.

    Ta Karamanlidika tou Fani

    A restaurant and deli which is housed in a lovely neoclassical building in the center of Athens. There you can taste a huge variety of Greek cheeses as well as great quality and special cold cuts. The restaurant is dominated by flavors of oriental cuisine, with strong spices and aromas that will fascinate you.


    Klimataria is a meeting point for authentic Greek cuisine, with explosive and delicious flavors in every aspect, combined with excellent live music. It has been operating since 1927 and has managed to keep a wonderful and relaxing retro vibe in the heart of modern Athens. There you can taste excellent cooked meats and traditional Greek dishes that will take you back in time and tradition.


    At Strofi you'll find one of the most stunning views in the city, especially of downtown Athens. With the idyllic landscape of the Acropolis as a backdrop, on this lovely terrace, you will enjoy unique flavors of Greek cuisine and Mediterranean food served in a sophisticated way. Don't miss trying the roast lamb stuffed with Greek cheese, you will be delighted!


    Lukumades is another version of doughnuts that are widespread around the world. The Greek version, of course, could not fail to take this flavor to a higher level! Golden, crispy balls of fluffy dough served either in the traditional way, with a coating of Greek heavenly honey and sprinkled with cinnamon, or with other more sinful combinations, such as toppings of many kinds of pralines and biscuits drizzled with colorful syrups. An option that won't disappoint you is to accompany them with various flavors of creamy ice cream, a combination that's a blast for your palate!


    Visiting Varulko, in the idyllic seaside landscape of Mikrolimano, is a unique experience especially if you are a lover of fine dining! The warm hospitality, the experienced service, and all of the exquisite dishes make up a tableau of colors, scents, flavors, and emotions. In every dish, you can see the love and care not only towards the customer-guest but especially towards the ingredients. The flavors are so perfectly blended that in each dish you can distinguish every ingredient. Don't miss the opportunity to taste the dragon ceviche and the crayfish moussaka, special and unique flavors, structured in a perfect way by the restaurant's chef, and Michelin star holder, Lefteris Lazarou.


    Undoubtedly, Orizontes restaurant has the most stunning view in Athens. On the hill of Lycabettus, overlooking the sea, the Acropolis, and the entire city, you can enjoy a sunset meal, feeling like an Olympian god. If you can finally get over what your eyes see, then the flavors of Mediterranean cuisine and the excellent desserts you will taste will complete the frame of this exceptional experience.

    To Paradosiako Spit Roast & BBQ

    At Paradosiako, meat enthusiasts will find their paradise in the center of Athens. A place that specializes in the perfect technique of grilling meat on the barbecue as well as on the spit. What will fascinate you during your visit are the simple but delicious dishes, the variety of fresh salads and the traditional appetizers such as saganaki and crispy golden fries that will be served to you in huge, hearty portions. It is no coincidence that among its tables you will find mostly locals who have become regulars of this small traditional tavern.


    This small tavern will take you back to the era of Athens in the 50's and 60's, as it feels like it has been taken out of a frame of an old Greek movie. Behind a door in the alleys of Psirri, it was probably created for a quick meal for the workers of the area and managed to evolve into a haunt that if you don't know its existence you might pass it by. You must have the traditional meatballs (keftedes), the spetzofai, and the special omelets and surrender yourself to this retro setting.


    Located one step from Monastiraki, Mirch specializes in Indian cuisine. Apart from the classic Indian dishes, the best seller is the Indian Souvlaki. It's a sandwich on a big piece of naan with chicken souvlaki and vegetable skewers, made as spicy as you like, creating a delicious way of combining Greek and Indian cuisine.


    Sophisticated dishes such as sea bream carpaccio, squid kontosouvli, and grouper with okra are just a few of the flavors that will offer you a journey with the scent of the sea. The owners of the restaurant, in exclusive collaboration with three fishing boats, have managed to supply the restaurant with seafood of excellent quality which they serve to the guests with great care, attention and creativity.

    Baba au Rum

    Perhaps one of the most famous bars in Athens as it has been awarded several times and has been ranked among the best in Europe and the world. At Baba au rum you will discover unique cocktails based on rum and not only, inspiring drinks and a variety of special labels, while its relaxed atmosphere combined with excellent music choices can guarantee a unique experience and an unforgettable night.

    Drunk Sinatra

    A famous bar with a vintage aesthetic, located in the center of Athens, it hosts many young people as well as artists such as actors and musicians of the city. In its atmospheric space, you will find inspiring cocktails, playful music, and of course many photos of Frank Sinatra. The staff, apart from being very welcoming and helpful, is also always willing to guide you as to which cocktail selection suits your tastes and preferences. Trust them!


    Bolivar Beach Bar is located a few kilometers away from the city center of Athens on the organized beach of Alimos, and is a popular destination all day long. During the morning you can visit it for coffee, swimming and sunbathing to relax and enjoy the sun, at noon you can have lunch at its unique restaurant, while in the evening it hosts various events with DJs, artists and loud music up until very early in the morning.

    360 Cocktail Bar

    Located at the top of one of the city's most famous squares, Monastiraki square, 360 Bar offers exactly what its name promises. 360-degree views of the entire city! A rooftop terrace with fresh air in the center of Athens that gives you the opportunity to relax while enjoying your drink under the light of the lit Acropolis.

    A for Athens

    A hotel that decided to take advantage of the rooftop above its premises and offer a rooftop open to anyone who wants to try the sophisticated cocktails of award-winning bartender Theodore Pyrillos. The view of the Acropolis and Plaka is spectacular, and the crowds flock for an evening in this sensual and modern space.

    Couleur Locale

    Couleur Locale is an all-day bar bistro, near Monastiraki, which although only on the second floor has a terrace with an amazing view of the Acropolis and Anafiotika. Every week it hosts guest DJs, artist concerts and live music nights, while the Athenian public has embraced it and has dynamically integrated it into the city's nightlife. All the spaces are painted and decorated with paintings, giving it a unique character.

    Agias Irinis Square

    One square that has managed to gather many of the hot spot restaurants, cafes, and bars is that of Agia Irini. A meeting place for the youth, the alternative crowd, and the more sophisticated characters. In Agia Irini square you will definitely find at least one store that you will cherish. A good suggestion is that of ''Tailor Made'', where you can enjoy cocktails that can be ''Tailor Made'', that is, custom-made, with drinks and flavor combinations of your choice.

    Six dogs

    Six Dogs is a treasure for Athens' nightlife scene, as its premises host a huge range of events, both musical and cultural. At its desks, you will find DJs of international renown, while everyone who has been to the parties of this multi-place tells stories of unforgettable nights. The rhythm and vibe of the crowd will have you enthralled from the very first visit. Recently the owners have also created their own record label, which gives us the promise of even more events.


    Boiler Room is one of the most famous nightclubs in Athens. Located in Gazi, a place that stands out for the plethora of nightclubs where you can stay up late, drink and dance to loud music all night long. To get into the Boiler Room you must first have a reservation and it holds a chic dress code.


    Lohan NightClub came in Athens as an idea of the businessman Denis Papageorgiou and the Hollywood star Lindsay Lohan with the aim to revitalize the Athenian nightlife scene. It is a space with perfect lighting and sound system, which helps to host many events with guest DJs and live acts.


    Box is one of the hottest spots in town for frantic entertainment until the wee hours of the morning combining the most popular local artists and producing exciting shows. A spacious, well-designed, and artistic venue for live performances.