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Chania is located in the western part of Crete, is the capital of the region of Chania and the second largest city after Heraklion. In fact, it was the capital of the whole island until 1971. Built where the ancient Minoan city of Kydonia once stood, its historical and cultural contribution is of major importance. 

From the Neolithic era to the present day, the area where Chania is located has been inhabited by various cultures that have left their mark in some way. The most intense presence was that of the Venetians who remained in Crete until 1645. The Venetian architecture can be admired in various buildings and landmarks of Chania such as the well-preserved large mansions, the ornate fountains and of course the magnificent lighthouse that overlooks the old port.

The whole area of Chania, even outside the town, is dreamy. If you explore it you will find a plethora of sandy exotic beaches, mountain villages, and majestic Byzantine monasteries. Furthermore, on the coast of the wider region there are many picturesque fishing villages where you can wander around and enjoy the peace and warmth of the locals.


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Places to Live


Splantzia is a beautiful district, part of the old town, with a wonderful little square with large plane trees providing shade in the summer months. There you will find concentrated many creative and meticulous cafes, taverns, and shops, as well as some historic buildings. This charming neighborhood is one of the "hidden treasures" of Chania town, known only to locals and well-informed travelers.

Nea Hora

Nea Chora area stretches across the north-western part of the town and is located on the seafront. Accommodation there is cheaper than the city center without being far from it, which makes it a convenient and smart choice for you. The golden sandy beach has a backdrop of many small traditional taverns so you can enjoy your fish and is favored by the locals.

Kasteli or Kissamos

Kasteli or Kissamos, as it is now known, is a town of Chania which took its name from the Venetian castle, remain parts of which adorn the town. It has a small picturesque harbor, which is surrounded by small shops, taverns, and cafes.


Chalepa is a picturesque and beautiful suburb of Chania where the wealthy people of the area used to live. In the streets, you will see many beautiful mansions with spacious gardens overlooking the sea. A setting that will take you back in history and aristocracy as it is the place where the most important political events of the late 19th century took place.


Souda is a small island of great historical importance located at the entrance of the Big Commercial Bay of Souda in northwestern Crete. There unfolds a magical landscape that is overflowing with history and invites you to explore it.


Platanias is a popular seaside village 10 km west of Chania and one of the busiest tourist resorts in Crete. Named after the plane trees on the banks of the Platanias River that runs through the village, it is characterized by picturesque streets, flower-filled gardens, and an excellent view from the top of the hill. Kato Platanias is a lively place with many shops, restaurants, and bars. There are also many accommodation facilities scattered throughout the village, from the coast to the top of the hill, and lovely beaches which are ideal for enjoying the Mediterranean breeze.


Sfakia, a small fishing village far from the modern bustling and touristic towns of Crete, has managed to preserve its traditional character. The chora of Sfakia is surrounded by nature of exceptional wild beauty, with spectacular pebble beaches, with deep blue waters, many of which are not widespread and can be enjoyed almost privately.


Kandanos-Selinos fascinates the guests with its charming villages, picturesque alleys, wonderful gorges, and impressive beaches. The coasts in this area are sandy, with crystal blue waters that magnetize you and invite you to give in to diving and relaxing under the hot sun. The wild and beautiful landscape is ideal for hiking into nature, enjoying famous cycling routes, and many other outdoor activities for those of you who love to wander and explore mountains and coastlines on an alternative way.

Agia Marina

Agia Marina is a small town west of Chania, which boasts one of the most beautiful and easily accessible beaches in the region, with an excellent view of the islands of Agioi Theodoroi and a wonderful sunset. The area has plenty of accommodation facilities and is part of a tourist resort along with some nearby areas such as Platanias. There you will find endless options for food and entertainment while some of the biggest clubs of Chania are located there.

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    Places to Work - Coworking Places


    Workhub is a carefully designed co-working space in Chania which offers a range of excellent services and meets the expectations of every professional. All of its spaces are functional, have high-speed internet connection and of course are fully equipped with technology. Ιs located in the beautiful area of Dikastiria in the city center in a beautiful, clean and welcoming environment. To its greatest advantages, add the owner Efi, who is always available to help you by offering solutions to any problem you may encounter.


    Sports & Nature

    Sports and Activities

    Snorkeling and Boat Tour in Chania

    If you want to explore the beaches and waters of Crete in a different way, then you should definitely try snorkeling, a calming but also exciting experience. With a small group in a boat, you will be taken to two different spots, one offshore and one in a confined area where you can observe an abundance of aquatic life.

    Samaria Hiking

    If you are a nature enthusiast, then you have just discovered an earthly paradise. Samaria Gorge is a place that will fascinate and enchant you. It is no coincidence that UNESCO has declared it a unique "biosphere reserve," and thousands of tourists visit it every day. It has a length of 18 km, and to cross it, you will need about 6 - 7 hours of steady walking, an effort for which you will be rewarded with more than enough since within it you will have a unique experience and you will be able to see nature at its best.

    Canyoning in Seitan Limani

    Seitan Limani is one of the most beautiful and popular beaches in Crete. What some people are unaware of is that there is another, more alternative and enthusiastic way to discover it. By canyoning, you will climb wild rocks with unique formations, you will abseil down a 38-meter waterfall with a 20m long cave in the middle of it with an extraordinary decoration, and after 1-1.5 hours of rappelling through a rocky landscape, with the scent of thyme surrounding you, you will end up at a stunning scenery of the dreamy beach with deep blue waters.

    Bike tour from Chania to Therissos Gorge

    Therissos Gorge, just a few kilometers from Chania, can be your ideal bike trip. A route through greenery, majestic rocks, and cool streams that give you a sense of freedom and relaxation. At the end of the road, you will also find the homonymous mountain village, Therissos, a place of historical importance, where you should not hesitate to stop for lunch as the local delicacies will delight you.

    Tandem paragliding flight in Chania

    If you love adrenaline and are not afraid of heights, then you should not miss the opportunity to see Crete from above by paragliding! Within 20 minutes, you will enjoy views of the city, the tropical beach of Balos, and the majestic mountains of the island, all in the safety and guidance of an experienced instructor.

    Elephant’s Cave Scuba Diving

    In the area of Drepano, on the peninsula of Akrotiri, you will find the Cave of Elephant, which was discovered in 1999, and its findings are of great speleological and biological importance. This cave is an ideal place for diving as it is easy enough for an expert diver and thus gives you the opportunity to see elephant bones estimated to be 50,000 to 60,000 years old. To dive in the elephant cave, you must have an Open Water certificate as a 10m dive is required.

    Tour to Traditional Olive Mill & Winery from Chania

    Are you a lover of wine and local traditional products such as olive oil? If so, then you should not miss this ''safari'' of flavors. In this organized tour, you will have the opportunity to visit an oil mill and learn all about its history and production and even see the oldest olive tree in the world, estimated to be over 3000 years old. This will be only the first stop of your tour. Your next destination will be a winery where you will indulge in the tastes and scents of local wines, be guided by expert wine producers, and enjoy a meal with plenty of wine.

    Beaches nearby


    The most famous beach in Crete and not without reason as it seems to have sprung from a carte postale. Balos is a dreamy exotic beach with shallow crystal clear waters, fine white sand, and rocks that form small creeks and lagoons. To visit Balos, you will either have to take the boat from Chania or cross a downhill path of about 2 km from the parking area. Whichever option you choose, it will be worth it, as you will see an unreal landscape that will fascinate you.


    Elafonissi is another beach of Chania with exceptional beauty and a setting that reminds one of an exotic Caribbean Island. The special attribute of this beach is the pinkish color of the sand, as over the years colorful corals and shells have crystallized in the area, coloring the coast in this special way.


    Just 17 km from the city of Chania is the coast of Marathi where there are two organized sandy beaches, separated by a small harbor, giving a different feel to the landscape. As a beach, it is preferred by families for its shallow waters, easy access, and the many available places to enjoy a coffee or a midday meal. One of the main advantages is that regardless of the weather on the island, Marathi coast is always protected from strong winds so you can enjoy your swim even on a windy day.


    Falassarna is among the 10 best beaches in Europe and not without reason as it is a place of unique beauty. An endless coast of white sand and blue water, where one can enjoy swimming under the sun in an idyllic landscape. As a beach in recent years, it is also preferred for water sports as its endless coastline is ideal for such activities.

    Chrissi Akti

    As its name suggests, Chrisi Akti (Golden coast) has a golden sandy beach, cool, clear-blue waters, and is just a stone's throw from Chania, making it a very popular destination. It is also ideal for families as it is sheltered from the winds and always peaceful.

    Pachia Ammos

    Pachia Ammos is a beach that can satisfy all tastes. On its one-kilometer coastline, there are places organized with sunbeds, umbrellas, and beach bars to serve you a cold beer, while in others it is more quiet and private, without much crowd and noise. The waters are crystal clear, calm, and cool, and the sand is so fine and white, it looks like sugar.

    History & Tradition

    Chania is a city with a long history dating back as far as the Neolithic era. The first residents created the settlement on the low Kastelli hill that rises above the current Venetian harbor. This spot was not chosen for the magnificent view, but mainly for the advantages it offered in terms of defense. Later it was the home of the ancient city Kydonia, one of the most important ancient cities of Crete according to Homer. Underneath the modern city, lies the Minoan palace, whose excavation has been delayed due to its location. Ancient Kydonia flourished until the Roman era when Augustus Caesar declared its independence in 330 BC.  In 828 AD the city was conquered by the Saracen Arabs and destroyed, along with other glorious cities of Crete. In 961 A.D, the Byzantines liberated Chania from the Arabs and rebuilt the city, fortifying the Kastelli hill with big walls which were built with materials from the ruins left in the city.  In 1204 Venetians annexed Crete to their territories and in 1252 they decided to rebuild and protect Chania by creating a fortress on Kastelli Hill with strong walls that enclose a significantly larger part of the city than the Byzantine walls. At that time, the city was adorned with splendid public buildings while the Venetian-style houses gave the city an air of a European metropolis.

    Must Places to Visit

    Souda Bay War Cemetery

    Suda Bay War Cemetery is a military cemetery designed by architect Luis De Soissons in which combatants of the First and Second World War are buried or commemorated. In particular, the cemetery site currently contains 1,500 graves of dead soldiers, 776 of which have not been identified, but special memorials commemorate a number of victims believed to be buried among them, 19 First World War burials, 7 burials of other nationalities and 37 non-war burials.

    Archaeological Site of Ancient Aptera

    Aptera, an ancient city of Crete, now ruined, is located in the region of Chania. There are ruins and remnants of civilizations with a history of over 2000 years. Within the archaeological site, you can see an ancient theatre, the ruins of several Doric temples, and a Roman peristyle villa. The most imposing monuments of the city are the drinking water tanks, which date back to the Roman period, but it is possible that the oldest ones were built during the Hellenistic period.

    Firkas Fortress and Maritime Museum of Crete

    The Firkas Fortress, which now houses the Maritime Museum of Crete, took its name from the Turkish word Firkas, which means division, as the fortress was the headquarters of the Turkish Division. One of the most glorious pages of modern Crete was written there, as on December 1st, 1913, the Prime Minister of Greece Eleftherios Venizelos and King Constantine, after seven centuries of slavery, raised the Greek flag on the fortress, sealing the union of autonomous Crete with the rest of Greece.

    Chania Archaeological Museum

    The Archaeological Museum was founded in 1963 and is housed in the church of St. Francis, a Venetian church, once the largest in Chania, which was also converted into a Mosque by the Ottomans. In this museum, you will have the opportunity to get to know the history of the island through the exhibits, which consist mainly of collections of sculptures, ceramics, gold jewelry, and coins.

    Wander through the Old Port

    The Old Port of Chania is perhaps one of the most beautiful spots in the city. It dates back to the 14th century, and in the surrounding area, there are many historical buildings, including arsenals from the Venetian era and an old mosque that now operates as an art gallery. The port is surrounded by a main road along the seafront, on which you will find many traditional taverns, cafes, and shops. One of the most popular areas of the city, it is bustling with life all year round, and in summer, it is flooded with tourists and locals enjoying the beautiful nighttime atmosphere it offers.

    The Monasteries of Akrotiri Peninsula

    Just a few kilometers from Chania is the Akrotiri peninsula. In this rocky area, there are three of the most important monasteries on the island. The monastery of Agia Triada, founded in 1612, is one of the richest and most beautiful monasteries of Crete, with unique beauty, among blooming and well-tended gardens with oranges and olives from which the monks make pure virgin olive oil that you can purchase. Every corner of this monastery is a work of art, and everyone who has visited it describes it as breathtaking. A little further on, hidden in the wild but charming landscape of olive groves and rocks, is the historic Monastery of Gouverneto. Looking at it, one thinks it is a Venetian castle with its proud towers completing the spectacle. Following a rough path on the north, the road leads to a wild and imposing gorge, Avlaki. There, hidden in the mountains, is the oldest Monastery of Crete, the Proskinima of St. John the Hermit or Xenos. The Monastery was built at the end of the 16th century, next to the cave where the Saint lived and died.

    The Battle of Crete Historical Tour-German Military Cemetery from Chania

    During World War II, many German soldiers died in Crete, with the number estimated to be over 15,000. In Maleme village, at Heigh Hill 107, there is one of the two cemeteries where German soldiers are buried in Greek territory. The spot chosen is not accidental, as it is a location of great strategic importance. When the Germans managed to occupy this area, they conquered the entire island of Crete.



    On the eve of the Day of Lights, an old tradition was for housewives to make 'photokoliva', a mixture of boiled wheat with pulses, which they and the whole family ate, but they also fed it to their animals for health and good luck in the family home.


    A belief of Cretans is that children born on Christmas Day, and therefore conceived on the day of the Annunciation, carry a sin on them, because during the fasting period sexual intercourse is forbidden in the Orthodox Church. Thus, tradition says that on Christmas Eve children are transformed into elves and become human again on the day of the holy water, which expels all evil from nature.

    Sheep Shearing

    Every June in Crete the Feast of the Sheep is celebrated. During this day, all the farmers of the island invite their friends and relatives to help them shear their sheep. Once they are done with this arduous work, the sheep farmer organizes a feast with plenty of food and drinks to show his gratitude and appreciation.

    The blessing of the sheep

    On the day of St. George, the farmers bring their sheep to the village church and asking the blessing of the priest. Once the priest has blessed the sheep, the farmers milk them in the church's courtyard and share the milk with the people who gathered. After this ceremony, a big feast follows in the village square, for which even tourist excursions are planned.

    Food & Nightlife

    Aromatic herbs, fresh vegetables and delicious local delicacies such as stamnagathi, obridias, papoules, marathias, full-fat Gruyere and Sfakion anthotyro, are just some of the traditional products of Chania that will delight your palate.  Moreover, if you enjoy dancing and having fun on your outings, then the nightlife of Chania will charm you. The capital city of Chania can please even the most demanding music lover, even if you are a fan of rock, jazz or even pop in Chania you will find a wide variety of idyllic bars, lounge cafes, Outside the city, there are also some clubs that stay open until the early morning hours and play loud music. The most popular and atmospheric bars are located in the old port of Chania and on the alleys of the old city.

    Must Places to Visit

    Chania Carte Postale

    Just a few minutes from the Old Town of Chania, at Profitis Ilias you will find a restaurant with an excellent panoramic view and unique flavors of Cretan and Mediterranean cuisine that will delight you. You will also find a wide variety of wines, desserts that will blow your mind, and delicious cocktails that you have never tasted before, all in a landscape that looks like something out of a Carte Postale and captivates you.

    Chania Pallas

    A historic building, once the home of Ali Pasha, now hosts a restaurant with a unique character. Located in the port of Chania right across from the iconic Venetian Lighthouse, it is quite modern, with outdoor seating and a spectacular view of the sea. In the menu, you will find flavors from both international and local cuisine with which Pallas does not hesitate to experiment.


    In a quiet and welcoming courtyard among the charming houses of the historic, Jewish district of the Old Town of Chania, you will find the tavern Semiramis. There, you will enjoy traditional Cretan and Greek dishes, listen to skilled musicians playing bouzouki and lyre, while you are in a warm, hospitable, and atmospheric place.


    At Tamam, you will taste traditional Greek food with influences from Ottoman cuisine, or as the Greeks call it "politiki", meaning the cuisine of "polis" (aka Istanbul). Intense spices, perfectly cooked meats, and a unique well-crafted list of selected wines from Greece and especially Crete are all served in a historic building, offering an exceptional gastronomic experience.

    Thalassino Ageri

    When you think of Greece, you surely associate it with the picturesque taverns that offer excellent quality fish and ouzo, always with a view of the sea. One such fish tavern is Thalassino Ageri, which you will find near the Venetian port of the town. A traditional, warm place that has been welcoming its guests since 1985.


    If you seek to experience the ultimate Cretan tradition, then Chalkina is the place to visit. With the magnificent view of the Venetian harbor as a backdrop, this traditional tavern often organizes Cretan nights, with live music, plenty of raki, and unique Cretan flavors.

    Mirai Sushi Bar

    Although you will be in Crete, get ready to taste the best Asian food you have ever tasted. Mirai Sushi Bar is located steps from the central square of Platanias and promises to offer a unique taste experience inspired by the Far East with the signature of a talented Japanese chef.

    Agia Marina Nostos

    The Nostos restaurant offers excellent dishes from fresh and local ingredients, Mediterranean and Cretan tastes in a very warm atmosphere, surrounded by greenery, and with a playground for the younger guests. Nostos is located in Agia Marina and is the ideal place to relax, taste unique flavors, and also try some of the handmade beers brewed by the restaurant, which are of excellent quality!


    Synagogi is one of the best bars in Chania and has been serving refreshing cocktails and drinks since 1995. Built in the old Jewish synagogue, the place exudes something mysterious and historic, while the lack of a roof gives a nice summer vibe. It is centrally located in the narrow streets of the old town, and the atmosphere, music, and service make it a must-visit place.

    Fogotto Jazz Bar

    A stone's throw from the Venetian harbor and close to the Navy Museum stands the Fogotto, perhaps the city's oldest bar since it opened its doors in 1974 and all locals and visitors are in love with it ever since. This bar exudes a sensual and romantic atmosphere which, combined with all the great jazz and rock music choices, offers you an idyllic and enjoyable evening.

    Barfly Rock Bar

    Hidden from the public view, on a small street, Barfly has managed to maintain an authentic rock character and quality. With the appearance of a genuine rock pub, it has managed to win over the locals who choose it daily so they can enjoy great music and refreshing drinks.


    It is the perfect spot to enjoy a cool beer to the sounds of great alternative music. It is located on a beautiful street opposite the old city walls, a great rustic place, relaxed and low-key, but memorable.

    Klik Scandinavian

    If you're looking for a night of dancing, loud music, and many drinks, then you should definitely visit Klik! Located at the center of the city, Klik is a club that both locals and tourists choose as part of their entertainment. It has a dance floor which people don't hesitate to use, creating a great party vibe which lasts until the early morning hours.

    Bras de Frères

    Close to the grand Arsenali, you'll find Bras de Frères, a place where you can try inspiring cocktails and cool drinks while enjoying the warm and relaxing atmosphere. The owners of this bar try to keep people interested and entertained, so they often organize live music nights, with well-known and less well-known artists, or even theme nights, giving you a number of good reasons to visit more than once.