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Ioannina is a contemporary city with a rich past. It is enchanting due to its beauty and welcoming environment and was constructed on the banks of Lake Pamvotida.

When citizens of Euroia were relocated, Justinian is credited with building Ioannina in the sixth century AD. The records of the council that was held in Constantinople in 879 contain the first mention of the city by the name of Ioannina, and a seal that was made public in the year 1020 by Emperor Basil the Bulgar-Killer contains the second.

One of the most significant cities in Northern Greece and the major economic and industrial hub in Epirus is Ioannina. Ioannina is renowned for its dairy and poultry farming, silversmithing, and winemaking.

In addition to being the major economic and industrial hub of Epirus, Ioannina is one of the most significant cities in Northern Greece. The city of Ioannina is renowned for its dairy and poultry farming, silversmithing, winemaking, and, more recently, marble décor.


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You may discover cafés, luxury stores, and on October 28th, street boutiques in Ioannina's center. The historic business thoroughfare known as Anexartisias Street was created following the devastating fire of 1869. Numerous small stores, ironmongers, and historic arcades can be found on it as well as on its parallel streets. Some of these arcades, like the Lulis arcade, have been renovated in recent years.
A little labyrinth of preserved structures, antique shopping malls, inns, traditional homes, and narrow pedestrian lanes. You may unwind in bars and cafés while sampling the traditional tsipouro and delectable regional cuisine.

Megalo-Mikro Papigo

Two of the most picturesque and popular tourist spots in this unique area of Epirus are the historic towns of Megalo Papigo and Mikro Papigo in Western Zagori. The untamed natural scenery and the medieval buildings built with stone by the renowned Zagori craftsmen will leave an impression on you no matter what time of year you visit Papigo. Papigo, the western Zagori region's capital toward the end of the Byzantine era, and the Tymphi mountain range that rises above it were referred to as "Papigos" respectively.


On the route to Papigo and the town of Vikos, in western Zagori, is the lovely capital village of Aristi. One of the Zagorochoria with the most significant tourist growth in recent years without ever losing its unique identity. This opinion cannot be expressed in words. You may view the route that descends into the gorge in addition to the other sites. Don't think twice before going to the Voidomatis springs to observe nature's beauty.


In the Valia Kalda National Park, Vovousa (Bayeasa in Vlach) is a town of outstanding natural beauty and geophysical importance due to its location between two substantial mountain ranges. Vovousa is the name of the village, which derives from the river's roar. In Vovousa, there were around 150 permanent households, but the town enters a new period with the start of the 19th century. A considerable portion of the population was driven to Macedonia and Thrace by raiding attacks, the 1814 plague, and the plundering by the Sultan's army in 1829.


With an elevation of 880 meters, Dilofo is situated on two lush hills and therefore got its name. The name Sopetseli or So(m)poceli, which in Slavic indicates a site with numerous waterways, was used up until 1920. It has a lengthy history; the first evidence of habitation is from 540 BC, and five mahalades made up the village in the fifteenth century. The opportunity to view the Zagori culture up close in Dilofos is provided by strolling down lovely, well-maintained cobblestone lanes and past attractive homes.


One of the most gorgeous, traditional towns is Metsovo of Ioannina. A mountain village situated at an elevation of 1150 meters in a stunning, lush environment was constructed on the Pindos mountainside. The breathtaking natural beauty, the genuine traditional character, the ski slopes, and the wine culture will undoubtedly make an impression on you. You'll fall in love with Metsovo and its people for their delectable cuisine.


Visitors may see photographs of the natural beauty in Vitsa, which is at the beginning of the Vikos valley. You will be mesmerized and transported to another time by the stone-built homes, unique cobblestones, and towering natural surroundings. It is a residential area that stands out for the coherence of its stone-built homes, churches, streets, and squares, making it one of the most emblematic villages in Central Zagori. Ano Vitsa and Kato Vitsa are the two geographical units (villages) that make up this region.

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    Places to Work - Coworking Places

    Fab Lab

    In addition to joining the larger network of academics, artists, and other active lab members, they have the capacity to give you all the fundamental infrastructure you need to operate your business. They allow outside parties to use their facilities and resources so they may hold events as well. They can assist you in concentrating on the material, and they will handle the other details. The event room is perfect for hosting films, workshops, small conferences, and other gatherings of people.


    Sports & Nature

    Sports and Activities


    Experience the one-of-a-kind rafting in Voidomatis! A thrilling descent into Macedonian nature's heart that lasts 1.5 hours and is 7 km long, with a difficulty rating of 1-2, is led by qualified and experienced sportsmen-guides. Greek rafting fans love Voidomatis because it is the perfect place for rafting. An amazing excursion into the heart of nature unlike anything you've ever experienced! Newcomers and families with kids over five years old should choose this approach.


    The walk begins at the E.O.S. Ioannina Shelter (1,280m altitude). It is a circular path that ascends above the area covered by vegetation and leads to the mountain's summit (1,810 m altitude). After finishing your hike, you'll be rewarded with a stunning view of Lake Pamvotida and the several tall mountains of Pindos.

    Vikos Gorge Crossing

    You will be rewarded by the natural splendor of the route, which follows a clear and well-marked trail. One needs to be in good physical shape to complete it because it takes at least 5 hours and involves a strenuous climb at the conclusion, especially if the destination is Monodendri. The Guinness Book of Records lists the Vikos Gorge in Zagori, Ioannina, as the deepest canyon in the world relative to its width. Its length is 20 km (12 mi), its walls' depths range from 120 to 490 m (400 to 1,600 ft), and its width varies from a few meters at its closest part to 400 m (1,312 ft) at its widest.


    You will be rewarded with Papigo's natural surroundings throughout this extraordinary trip, which lasts for 3.5 hours in total. The Nefelis gorge near Papigo, Zagorochoria, features a year-round constant water flow. A considerable portion of the canyon's water is drained across the gorge by fountains that originate beneath the Astraka and Tsouka peaks and the tower of Astraka, which also causes particularly distinctive and dense vegetation to grow there.


    Between the Politsas and Plakas bridges by rafting on the Arachthos. The Arachthos ranks as Greece's eighth-largest river. There are 110 kilometers on it. Its source is Lake Aou in northern Pindos, and it drains into the Amvrakikos Gulf. Along with the stunning Arachthos gorge, the path also features a variety of springs and waterfalls. Participants in this route must be at least 12 years old.

    Beaches nearby

    Alonaki Fanariou

    Only 24 kilometers separate Alonaki Fanariou Beach from Parga and 30 kilometers separate Preveza in the Preveza district. It is a little but exquisite beach that is a true gem in this area. Golden sand beaches and modern infrastructure provide for wonderful vacations. perfect location for families.

    Mikri Ammos

    A lovely cove with crystal-clear water and little stones on the shore is Mikri Ammos beach. It is a well-maintained beach with amenities including umbrellas, loungers, and music from the beach bar, making it a popular choice among young people. The sandy beach has both fine and large stones, and its waters are very clean. Sun loungers, umbrellas, and a large parking lot are also available.

    Pisina (Pool) Beach

    Pisina Beach is truly the type of site that belongs in an exotic location. The term "pool" refers to the lovely, turquoise-colored crystal waters in the little cove. One of Sivota's most well-known beaches is Pisina Beach. She did not randomly choose her name. If it is on the little island of Mourtos, which is located opposite Sivota, it is worth seeing, but only by boat.

    Bella Vraka

    Anyone who visits this pink-sanded beach will fall in love with it immediately. The water has a clear, blue-green color. A heavenly paradise that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. You will be mesmerized by the stunning scenery as soon as you see it. There are more organized beaches close by, some of which are only accessible by boat or by walks.

    Agia Paraskevi

    It is a charming pebble beach in a lush setting that gets its name from the little chapel of Agia Paraskevi to the left of the beach. A little island in the middle of it may be reached by swimming, and it is organized. The beach is beautiful and serene, with pebbles and gritty sand, deep, clear seas, and sights that will take your breath.

    History & Tradition

    The city of Ioannina was established in 527, according to an old work by the historian Procopius. After the Romans, the Byzantine Christians, the Franks, and then subsequent conquests by the Bulgarians, Serbs, and Albanians took control of the city. When Michael Komnenos formed the Despotate of Epirus in the eleventh century and Ioannina established itself as the region's spiritual center, the city saw its first great period of prosperity. The city of Ioannina, which has a pan-Hellenic and wider reach, has a history of highlighting renowned writers and artists.

    Must Places to Visit

    Castle of Ioannina

    The Castle of Ioannina is built on the western shore of Lake Pamvotida on a small rocky peninsula, on the two heights of which an equal number of citadels are formed In 1082, Norman Bohemond, son of the Duke of Sicily Robert Guiscard, added one citadel to the ruins of the Byzantine fortification and dug a fortification trench. Ioannina flourished following the Fourth Crusade and the Fall of 1204, when many wealthy Byzantine families fled there in the early 13th century following the sack of Constantinople.

    Pamvotida lake

    Without this being a norm, the term Pamvotis (Pamvotida) often refers to the formal language of governmental papers, scientific literature, and school textbooks, and it appears to have been formed mostly after the country was freed in 1913. At the start of the 20th century, it first occurred in Greek literature. Two maritime battles—literally, sea battles—took place at Pamvotida, the first in 1379 and the second in 1389. Pamvotida's history is intimately entwined with that of the city, particularly the castle.

    The Perama Cave

    The Perama Cave in Ioannina, Greece, was the first cave to be used for tourism in the country, and it continues to hold that distinction due to its size and uniqueness. For the first time in Greece, fossilized teeth and bones of the cave bear (Ursus spelaeus) were discovered here (1956). There were still enormous creatures that are now extinct that found winter refuge there until 200,000 years ago, according to the bones and teeth of ancient cave bear species.

    The Museum of Silversmithing

    The western tower of the southeast acropolis of Ioannina Castle is where the Museum of Silversmithing is situated. Its goal is to preserve knowledge about Epigraphy silversmithing and spread information to the public about its technique from the 18th to the 20th century. The collection includes fine artifacts with intricate features including jewelry, weaponry, and tableware for the house and personal belongings.

    Museum Ali Passa

    The Museum of the Pre-Revolutionary Period was initially established in 1958 owing to the initiative of enlightened Gianniotes in the vicinity of the Monastery of Ag. Panteleimonos, which Ali Pasha had transformed into a country home. As Of may 2012, the Museum of Ali Pasha and the Revolutionary Period has indeed been situated in the same location. This museum features the impressive collection of Fotis Rapakousis.


    Βurning Ηolly

    On the day of Christ's birth, children in Ioannina carry laurel and holly branches as they return to their parents' homes to wish them a good birthday. Since that time, all married children who visit their father's house to kiss their parents' hands must have a branch of holly or another tree that burns crackling in their hands as they go to wish someone a happy birthday or to say hello. In order to guide themselves to the manger, they clutched a branch of a blazing holly.

    Custom of Tzamala

    The tradition has been practiced in Ioannina every year since the 1980s and dates back to the 19th century. With sand, they create a circle (3-6 meters in diameter) and place a large trunk in the center. They then surround the trunk with branches and logs in order to start a fire. On the final Sunday of Halloween, large fires are built, and men and women dressed as each other dance around them.

    Custom of Dolias

    In Paleopyrgos Pogoniou, the commandment custom (Doli or Dolia) is restored on August 15, the day of the Virgin Mary's Assumption. The dinner is served at midday in the church's courtyard, and the oldest person there (Doli Pasha) will raise a glass to a visitor. He'll drink three times, and after each one, he'll sing a song in honor of a different individual. On Doli Pasha's instruction, the remaining guests will sing songs in which they will devote their wishes to anybody they choose. The aim of the tradition is to promote cooperation and tranquility among local residents. The event begins in the evening with traditions and lasts through the night with a large feast.


    The "Bandidos" tradition, which goes back to 1449 when Arta fell under Ottoman control and the sultan's agent in Thessaloniki granted the Artinas' desire to dress up on Halloween, will be restored on Friday, March 8 at 7 p.m. Folkloric accounts claim that the "Bandides" were the males of the era who would go out on Halloween dressed sloppily with their pants tied with a scarf and taunt everyone they saw.

    Food & Nightlife

    For food lovers with a taste for authentic Mediterranean cuisine and home cooking, Ioannina is a special spot. One of the best culinary scenes in Greece is Ioannina Gastronomy, which has talented chefs, excellent local goods, and amazing prices. The phrase "living like the Pasha in Ioannina" refers to someone who is taking full use of what life has to offer. Not only must he reside in Ioannina, but he must also have the title of ruler. And as night falls, you see that Ioannina never appears to sleep. Every day and night, the inhabitants are active! The Pamvotida lake's calming or... "magical" properties might be the source of their energy. The nightlife moves slowly as people take a leisurely stroll to the well-established tsipouradika before going their own ways. You can find a club if you want one, or you can find something more alternative each day of the week.

    Must Places to Visit


    In Ioannina, Marine Club Park is a special location with a picturesque view of the lake and a laid-back, family-friendly atmosphere. You have the chance to sample a fusion of Greek, Mediterranean, French, and Italian food, and a unique menu will satisfy even the most discerning palates. When you walk in, the ultra-modern open grill is what immediately gets your attention. Its impressively light area was decorated with warm earthy tones and futuristic inspirations.  


    We only discovered it a few meters from Michael Angelou's retail strip, but even though it just launched in August in a historic detached home in the city, it already appears to have become a local legend. There is always a positive vibe here. The location makes you feel completely at home thanks to the courteous service and excellent beverages.  

    Frotzou Politeia

    The breathtaking vista entices you to explore more of the dasilio. The well in the yard, the hand-carved zagorite fireplaces, and the wood-carved ceilings all create historical pictures of the location. Its menu features authentically traditional Ioannina food made with regional spices and scents.  


    Italian is all that SPUNTINO "speaks." Since its introduction to us in 1998, it has endured as a classic in Ioannina for Italian food aficionados and beyond. SPUNTINO, which is built in a structure directly out of a fairy tale, is located in one of the most stunning areas of the city, enjoying the lake with the castle in the backdrop.  


    As implied by the name, balsamico is used in the majority of its specialties. Greek cuisine serves as the inspiration for the recipes. It's a place where high-quality cuisine and soothing music combine with the tempting Greek flavor and gorgeous décor to create the perfect setting for someone looking to enjoy themselves with their company.  

    Spitaki Cocktail Bar

    The "Spitaki Cocktail Bar" is presently well-liked by Ioannina's inhabitants and students. Since it first opened a few years ago, the aforementioned store has established a solid reputation that, of course, benefits from it. When combined with superb drinks, the urban and modern vibe gives off the feel of another nation, making it a pleasant experience both for you and your group.  


    Your attention will be drawn right away to the amazing handmade furniture and interior design in the center of Independence Street. In any case, this is part of Denoar's appeal as well since it is "chilled" inside this once-abandoned gallery and attracts every unaware visitor while being located in the city's bustling night plaza.  

    Route 66

    The city's benchmark for nightlife, traveling with excellence, authenticity, and a unique ideology and identity that rejects compromise and adheres to clichés and popular trends. Its founders' love of music, drinks, whiskey, and rum is evident in every nook and cranny of the shop. You may sample tasty cocktails at the spacious bar with titles derived from beloved rock tunes.  

    Litharitsia 360

    The complex's panoramic view of Ioannina is one of its defining features. Your attention is drawn to the tall peaks of Pindos as it crosses the basin! From the first cup of coffee in the morning to a cool drink in the late evening, this is a welcoming and immaculate venue for all hours of the day.