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Volos is one of the most beautiful and popular cities in Greece. Located in the center of the country, it is bordered by one of the busiest ports as it is the closest to Sporades. Built at the foothills of the dreamy Pelion, the mountain of Centaurs, it combines both the aromas and the atmosphere of both the sea and the mountain. In mythology we can find the city as the starting point of the expedition of Jason and the Argonauts, one of the most famous and important chapters of Greek mythology.


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Places to Live

City Center

The city center has it all and is easily accessible as everything is within walking distance. This is where the pulse of the city beats as all the daily life of the locals takes place there. Although small, in the center of Volos and in its beautiful streets you will find impeccable shops for all kinds of purchases.

Nea Ionia

Nea Ionia was the place of settlement of the Greeks who were forced- out of Smyrna in 1922 and while it was a small refugee district of Volos, it developed so much that it is now considered a separate municipality. The two municipalities have as a natural border the river Krajsidona that crosses the city.


An area well known for the beautiful beach and the traditional seaside taverns that offering fresh fish. It has been constantly developing and is a reference point for the locals who, apart from having fun, also choose it as a place to stay because of a number of advantages, such as the excellent weather and the quietness.


Mount Centauron, as many call it, is a place of dazzling beauty both in its mountainous and coastal areas. On the slopes of the mountain, you will find traditional stone settlements such as Makrinitsa, Portaria and Milies, which seem to emerge from another era, while on its coastline you will find dreamy beaches reminiscent of exotic landscapes. It is no coincidence that many artists and intellectuals choose Pelion as a place of permanent residence.

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    Places to Work - Coworking Places

    Open Office

    Open office Volos is a modernly designed coworking space, in the city center with a nice and quiet private office, open workstations, organized meeting rooms and boardrooms.  In this space area you will find a printer and a coffee corner that you can use without any charge. What you might find interesting is that this place also holds other services you might need such as digital and financial services for startups. Also is the perfect location to host webinars, live streams, seminars and events.


    Sports & Nature

    Sports and Activities

    Sea Kayak And Sup

    The beautiful shores, crystal clear waters and the enchanting landscape that adorns the beaches of Pelion are ideal for sea kayaking or SUP, overlooking the mysterious mountain of Centaurs. The Pagasitikos Gulf is ideal for such water activities as most of its bays are protected from strong winds, giving you the opportunity to enjoy moments of exploration and exercise in nature.


    Pelion, as one of the most popular mountains in the country, offers several mountain trails for hiking which are taken care of by volunteer climbers and hikers in the area to keep it accessible and safe for everyone all year round. One of the most famous is the Centaur Trail, which starts from the traditional settlement of Portaria. Crossing it, you will admire and discover the heavenly beauty of the area, with its intense greenery, tall trees, and the streams that form. The path offers two routes, one that takes you to the center of the village where you can then enjoy your coffee with a view, or if you choose the second option it takes you straight to the exit of the village. This is a short hike, 2 km long and lasting about 40 minutes, ideal for those who love nature, mountains, and sport.

    On Horseback

    Another way of wandering through the stunning scenery of Pelion is horseback riding. There are many options, as the area offers the possibility for both cooperative and active rides, as well as more relaxed ones for those seeking a quiet and calm ride. Riders will enjoy this experience by passing through olive trees, orange groves and small rivers. The horses are trained to move slowly and carefully so you can enjoy the hills of Pelion, but if you wish you can ride your horses alongside the waves, admiring the beautiful beaches of the area and the view of the Aegean Sea.


    If you are a fan of climbing, then Mount Pelion is an ideal destination. The rock formations that exist between the sea and the mountain challenge you to explore them always with care and respect for nature. The climbing routes of Pelion are numerous, with some being within a stone's throw from the city of Volos while others are well hidden in parts of eastern Pelion right next to the sea. Climbing is a fascinating sport, ranging in various levels of difficulty and referring to both beginners and professional climbers and athletes of climbing, while covering all levels in between.


    Get back to nature by enjoying a journey through mountain paths, alongside rivers and streams. Trekking is the ideal way to become part of nature, wandering through the fresh air away from the hustle and bustle of the city, in mysterious forests of unique beauty.


    Fakistra Beach

    A well-known and famous beach as some scenes from the Hollywood movie Mama Mia filmed there! Fakistra is a beautiful little bay, with crystal turquoise waters, surrounded by wild rocks and many green bushes. You won't find any store or beach bar there, and that makes the scenery even more beautiful and pure. To get there, you have to make a 10-minute walk down the hill, but this lovely place is worth it.


    One of the most exotic beaches of Pelion with crystal blue waters and a wonderful landscape that looks like it came out of a dream. It has pebbles and sand, so you can choose which side you prefer to lay your towel on. Once you cross the rock arch, you are transported to another smaller cove with huge rocks, creating a different, wilder beach. Access to Mylopotamos is very easy by going down a path covered by tall trees which will take you no more than two minutes from the parking area. There you will also find a small beach bar above the beach and some traditional taverns.


    This quiet little fish-village is ideal for lovers of peaceful holidays. Here you will have the opportunity to escape from the pressure of everyday life and routine, enjoying unique picturesque landscapes. The village has a golden sandy beach with a wonderful view of the Aegean Sea. Near the beach, you will find taverns, which by the time you are done swimming, will have filled the place with the smells of fried calamari and delicious mezedes, while nearby is a horse farm which can be visited if you want to horse-ride in nature.


    A place of incredible beauty, currently known only to the locals and a few tourists, is Damouchari, the only natural harbor on the south side of Pelion. It is a small picturesque and quiet settlement consisting of two small bays joined by a peninsula, on which there are ruins of a castle. The northern bay is still today a small harbor with taverns and houses. The southern bay has a beautiful beach paved with large white pebbles and crystal-clear waters, which in combination with the neighboring gorge, give Damouchari a wild beauty.


    Mourtia is a small bay in southern Pelion with soft golden sand, a small coastline, and shallow, clear, and blue waters. The trademark of the beach is the reddish rock formations that rise out of the sea. It is located near the villages of Liri and Katigiorgis, just 60km from the city of Volos.

    History & Tradition

    Volos is one of the most charming mainland destinations in Greece, and one of the most popular and busiest ports. The city is built at the foothills of Mount Pelion, the mountain of the centaurs, and close to the ancient city of Iolkos, situated in the heart of the Pagasitic Gulf.  According to Greek mythology, Magnesia was the birthplace of the tribe of the centaurs, strange creatures that had the upper body of a human and the lower body and legs of a horse.

    Must Places to Visit

    Athanasakeion Archaelogical Museum

    The museum opened its doors to the public in 1909 and is the central archaeological museum of Magnesia and one of the oldest museum institutions in the country.  In its premises it hosts many of the findings of the excavations carried out in Diminios and Sesklo, as well as complete burials from the Mycenaean period, where visitors can see not only the skeleton but also the objects with which it was buried.   A museum of particular historical importance and interest which you should not miss to visit.

    Tsalapatas Museum

    The museum is housed in the old Nicholas & Spyridon Tsalapata Brickworks Factory in Volos. It presents the daily life in the factory, as well as all the stages of the production of different types of bricks and tiles. Its aim is to highlight the historical identity of the city of Volos and to contribute to the preservation and promotion of its industrial heritage. Inside the building, all the industrial premises have been restored, making it a rare example of a surviving industrial complex in Greece.

    Dimini Archaelogical Site

    Dimini, is a Neolithic village, found west of Volos, whose excavation has brought to light some particularly historical evidence. In Dimini the archaeologists noticed some peculiarities concerning the urban planning of the village which had not been encountered before in similar cases, such as the existence of walls separating the houses and the placement of the 'kitchen' indoors instead of outdoors.

    Sesklo Archaeological Site

    Excavations at Sesklo began in the early 20th century and continued through the 1960s. This brought to light the first Neolithic civilization in Europe whose oldest fragments date between 7510 and 6190 BC. The finds show that the people of Seskloe  were engaged in agriculture and farming, had stone tools and made pottery.


    Portaria is located at an altitude of 650 meters and to reach it you will need to take an easy and short drive north of Volos. The picturesque village of Pelion with the plane trees, paths and running waters captivates the visitor from the first moment he sees it. It is one of the traditional settlements of Pelion whose characteristic element is the large mansions, of makedonian style with a roof of stone slabs.

    St's Constantine's Park

    St. Constantine's Park is located just a few steps from the city's university, next to the harbour and is an ideal location for relaxing and walking in nature. It has a playground as well as several benches to enjoy the view of the Pagasitikos after an afternoon walk


    Christmas Custom Of Old Woman

    Α strange Christmas tradition of the area is that on New Year's Eve, the old woman of the house takes the biggest log from the stubble and burns it so that the new year can find its remains and be even better. It is also said that in this way goblins and elves are kept away.

    Koumoutsia of Saint Fanourios

    Another local tradition involves young girls and the revelation of their future husband. Single girls are asked to make a pie in which they put sugar and cinnamon instead of salt and take it to the church in the evening, on the day of the feast of St. Fanourios, so that the priest can bless it. As soon as they return home, they must place it under their pillow and say a prayer to the saint. According to tradition, the girls will dream about who their future mate will be.

    Night-Carols Of the Eve’s Light

    A local custom of Volos and the villages of Pelion, it occurs on the evening of the eve of the Epiphany Day. The elderly people of the area sing carols accompanied by musical instruments and go from house to house. With them they have a box for donations to the church and a silver tray on which the housewives put a roll of music when they hear the melodious chorus, and if they don't have any, they offer money.

    Food & Nightlife

    Famous for pairing meze with tsipouro, the capital of Magnisia on the east central coast holds a variety of gastronomic surprises for discerning foodies. The place is heaving (not just in this particular place, but everywhere) as if the country just experienced a great national victory and people were out celebrating. With no victory in sight, this is just a regular Saturday in Volos, where lunch means gathering around a table sipping on tsipouro and indulging in fish meze and heated conversations.
    Additionally, as far as night life in Volos is concerned, it is something that you do not meet and do not find easily. A small town with thousands of students wanting to have fun and fill the nightclubs with fun and dancing is something that can attract you very easily.
    Volos is located on the east central coast and is the capital of the region of Magnesia. What makes this city stand out from the rest in Greece is the existence of many, small fish taverns which the locals refer to as "tsipouradika". Tsipouradika is the favorite way of entertainment for young people, and not only, since it blends good food with the accompaniment of Greek tsipouro. In the traditional tsipouradika you order only the tsipouro you want and you are waiting for the meze that will be served to your table, which is a surprise and also constantly renewed.
    Additionally, in a city with thousands of students, the nightlife couldn't be anything but delightful. Most of Volos' bars and clubs are located on the main pedestrian street and in its narrow streets you will find options to suit all tastes. Furthermore, possessing one of the most beautiful harbours in the country, Volos seafront is the ideal destination to enjoy your drink overlooking the Pagasitikos Bay.

    Must Places to Visit


    At Ba. Ca. Re get ready to taste unique Greek food with modern combinations. A small, cozy restaurant that challenges you to try new flavors and sophisticated cuisine that caters to all tastes whether you are a meat lover or a vegetarian. The staff is welcoming, friendly and always willing to help and guide you according to your preferences.


    One of the oldest and most established tsipouradika of the area, Demiris, is located in the refugee neighborhood of N. Ionia, ready to offer you unique seafood flavors accompanied by excellent quality tsipouro. Golden fried calamari, oysters, anemones and smoked clams are just some of the delicacies that are waiting for you to taste them.


    Kardamo is a traditional quality restaurant on the hillside of Makrinitsa. It has a unique panorama, as from there you can enjoy the view of the majestic Pelion and also Volos with the Pagasitic bay. Traditional flavors, from the grandmother's kitchen accompanied with local labels of excellent wine served on a warm and welcoming wooden balcony. Tottaly worth a visit.


    Having now been around for 30 years, Dipnosofistis is a safe choice if you want to taste gourmet flavours that blend in harmony with the natural environment in which they are served. The place is magical, a blooming garden, with vibrant flora and fruit trees combined with relaxed jazz music. One of the best choices you can make if you find yourself in Pelion.

    Alter Ego

    A unique bar with an authentic character, Alter Ego has managed to win over the city's alternative crowd with its music choices that run the gamut of jazz, blues and rock and fascinate them with an atmospheric decor. The inspiring cocktails are fascinating both for the quality but also for the originality and have managed to put alter ego very high on the map of Volos nightlife and maintain it there.